Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweet Scent

OK so there's a story to this one.
Last month I bought a car. It's a blue 2004 VW Golf and I LOVE it!! We still have the van (you have to, really, with three kids!) but this is MY car. I commute to work every day (almost an hour each way) and I do a lot of driving for my job, and the van is not very good on gas. So I got a sweet lil' VW to zoom around in. However, it's a used car. It's in fantastic shape and has very low mileage, but I have discovered that when it rains, it smells like wet dog... I am guessing that the previous owner was also a dog owner.
So I decided to put my creative fingers and mind to work and made an air freshener. I pulled out my Beautiful Butterflies Big Shot die, some cardboard and some Parisian Breeze designer paper (retired). I die-cut two layers of cardboard and stuck them together with two-way glue (to make it stiffer - it's a technique also known as faux chipboard) and then cut a third layer out of the DP to make it pretty. I intend to put some essential oil on the back (so as to not ruin the DP) and hang it in my car.
When I was finished, I thought the butterfly was so pretty, I needed to make another one and make a card out of it, and this is it:
Isn't that butterfly adorable? One of my kids at work is turning 18 on the 21st, so I think I will send it to her.
Oh, and BIG BIG day today!! I am auditioning again, this time for Sweeney Todd! I had such a fantastic time last year, I couldn't not do it again. I have no idea whether I stand a chance in heck, but I can tell you that I nailed my song as I practiced in my basement last night ;o) (I am doing Send in the Clowns, which is also a Sondheim song - Sweeney Todd is a Sondheim musical).
So wish me luck!
And Happy Stampin'!


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Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Anne Marie this is beauitful! I love the butterfly and one of my fav color combos...
Okay so WHERE HAVE I BEEN!!!! I have your blog now... WHOHOOO... How are you? Glad you got a new car, funny about the rain and wet dog smell. hee hee Now I can keep up with where you are on your blog. lol That is stalking right... lol hugs...