Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stamping? What is this 'stamping'?

Apologies, folks - I have been delinquent in posting anything lately because, well, I haven't stamped! Yes, that's right, I HAVE NOT STAMPED!! Life has been crazy busy, and between rehearsals for me and my daughter (her play was done on Saturday - WHEW!), road trips for work, nursing a sinus infection, and entertaining my mother (who was kind enough to come help out last week when DH was out of town and SOMEone had to ferry my daughter to/from rehearsals and performances every day that week!!), stamping has taken a back seat. Tragic, I know.
BUT I have a camp this weekend, and that usually inspires me to do some stamping, so you may see another post - with an actual CARD - in the next few days. Heck, I may even FINALLY have some time to design and produce my Christmas card for this year (nope, I've not even had time to do THAT yet!!)
So again, I apologize for being so neglectful and not sharing any projects with you. It's not because I'm not bothering to upload anything, it's basically because there is nothing TO upload.
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Happy Stampin'!

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