Saturday, November 01, 2008


OMGoodness, has it really been this long since I last posted?!? You realize this means it has also been this long since I last STAMPED, too!! ACK!! Well that's not entirely true... I did have my first workshop in several months last weekend. But stampin' for fun? Hasn't happened in WEEKS!
This card is for this week's Inspiration Challenge at SCS; it's based on artwork by Don Li-Leger that Stef had showcased for the challenge. I loved the colour blocking and Asian inspired imagery. I pretty much re-created one of the wall-hangings for my card. Lots of sponging, not too much stamping. The main image is from Embrace Life, and the sentiment and the image on the small Old Olive panel at the bottom are from Pocket Silhouettes. The other two colours are Ruby Red and So Saffron.
And how was everyone's Halloween? It was somewhat of a bust at our house... DH was out of town, so it was just me and the kiddos. My neighbours and I had decided to partner up and have one parent hand out candy for both our houses (from their house), while the other two took the kids around. Well, my 10yo daughter woke up in the middle of the night with great breathing difficulties and coughing; she was up for a couple of hours so she was a write-off yesterday morning. I suggested that she stay home for the morning (luckily I was working from home!) and rest up; by lunchtime her breathing was extremely shallow and her fever hadn't gone down, so I decided to take her to the clinic. The dr prescribed some prednisone, as the puffers she'd been using were obviously not working, and her oxygen levels were decreasing. SO she missed her class party, and she didn't get to go trick-or-treating. I didn't want her to bring her germs to the neighbours' house and I didn't want her to stay home alone too long, so I went out with the boys and my neighbour, but we only went around a couple of blocks before we came back home. I had a bag for my daughter, and most of the people were kind enough to give me some candy for her as well :o) She was a trooper though. And enjoyed seeing the kids who rang the doorbell after we came home.
AND in case anyone is interested, rehearsals for the play are going AWESOME!!! It's a lot of work (four hours on Sundays and three hours on Wednesdays, plus learning all of the lyrics for the songs in between), and so far has involved vocal work as well as choreography. The singing has been somewhat of a challenge these last couple of weeks as I have had the head cold from he&& - my sinuses are COMPLETELY stuffed, so my voice has been pretty nasal LOL I've also been short of breath a lot - which makes dancing and singing at the same time even more challenging than it already is!! We're supposed to start blocking out scenes next weekend, so hopefully I can give my (singing) voice a bit of a break. Oh, and my hair is growing nicely :o)

That's it for now, I think - happy stampin'!


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Jamie Martin said...

Oh so pretty, I just love Autumn colors :)