Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back in the groove

OK get ready for a slew of new posts in the next couple of weeks - I'M BACK! :o) And I'm discovering a whole bunch of new talent over at SCS - some amazing handiwork, there! SCS is featuring extra daily challenges over the holidays, and this is for the first one, an inspiration challenge. I chose the brown onesie as inspiration and made this Christmas card. This time last year I was SICK of stamping Christmas cards LOL but this year, I haven't really designed that many at all so I'm still happy with the theme.

The card features the Snowfall stamp set, which retired last year. I LOVED the big bold snowflakes in this set, and was rather sad to see it go... and I am quite fond of non-traditional Christmas card, so I have no problem with a brown holiday card :o) In fact, I think this one will be going to a neighbour of mine who has a wonderful, contemporary taste in design, and who I think will appreciate this card as well. The card will likely be accompanied by a nice bottle of wine, as a thank you for plowing our sidewalks, which I REALLY appreciate, especially during blizzards like we had yesterday - THANK YOU ZACH AND SHELLENE!

Oh and DH made it home last night. Well, this morning, actually, stepping through the door shortly before 5am. His shuttle van was long gone by then, so he had to take a taxi from Toronto, which cost $150 *gulp*. Needless to say, he really appreciated the plowed sidewalks as well as it's one less thing he has to worry about today! :o)

OK, stay tuned for more stampin'...


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