Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Checkin' in!

Well, hubby's out of town again this week, so things are always a little crazy getting everyone organized. And I feel guilty stamping and leaving the kids with no parent to give them quality time... but I did manage to do yesterday's colour challenge tonight. It was Kraft, Black and Rose Red. I have a teen girl on my caseload whose birthday is in a couple of weeks; this one will be going out to her:
I love this girl. She is turning 17 but she is quite intellectually delayed. She LOVES the Backstreet Boys and actually got to go to their concert in Toronto a couple of weeks ago! OMG she was in seventh heaven! :o) She is IN LOVE with Nick Carter and has been wearing the same, threadbare BSB tshirt for FOUR YEARS, every Tuesday, religiously. I told her to buy herself a few new ones at the concert from me, and to retire the old one. I didn't want her to have to part with it though, so I suggested she make a pillow out of it and keep it on her bed. She liked that idea :o)
I also love my own children. I do. Even when they challenge my parenting and my patience. Take, for example, my 7yo (deep breaths). He's been very oppositional lately. Not sure what's gotten into him. Even the teachers at day camp have told me he's had issues there with not listening, getting physical with his brother... *sigh* I don't know what's wrong with him? Maybe the stress of going back to school? This morning he was mad at me because I made him wear a fleece hoodie over his sleeveless tshirt (it was 10C!!!); he called me a "mean mom". Tonight I was a "mean mom" because I "made" him lie to his friends because he told them he was getting a skateboarding magazine tonight, but I didn't want to take him to the store so he could buy it. And then I "made" him punch my craft table and kick stuff around because he was mad that he couldn't go and mad that I "made" him lie. Ah the logic of a 7yo. I tried to correct him and point out that he chose to hit/kick when he was mad, and that he could have made a better choice by, say, going to his room to cool off, but I might as well have been speaking Swahili. Instead he just kept sassing me. So he was sent to bed an hour early. Ugh.

Now you know why I stamp. It's therapy. LOL!

Happy Stampin'!


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